Welcome to Qodesh Books

We are entering a new phase in our ministry with a complete website design make-over. Qodesh Books is operating from three continents, the USA, Africa and New Zealand, serving those in search of their Hebraic Roots world-wide.

This website will in time to come host a wide range of resources for seekers of Torah based truth. It will host revealing teaching from Scripture, teaching young and established believers in Messiah the roots of the faith from both the Tenach (First Covenant Scriptures) and the 2nd Writings, written after the first appearance of our Messiah, Yahushua. The Scriptures are commonly named the Old and New Testament in Christian circles.

THE SCRIPTURES LARGE PRINT Hard Cover Edition is now available in SVEPA Soft durable PU, with a soft feel, and protected in a beautifully designed Slipcase for additional protection.

Latest Publications

Torah for Children - Book 1

Torah for Children - Book 1 A series of children's activity books, teaching them the Torah of YHWH, using fun activities such as riddles, puzzles, mazes, questions, colouring pictures and many other activities. This series is mainly designed for primary school children. Your children will love this wonderful new book. Read more »

The Scriptures, Pocket Leather

The Scriptures, Pocket Leather The Scriptures is a literal translation of the Bible in English. This translation differs significantly from most common English translations in that it has restored the original book order of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanakh, and restored the Name of the Most High, יהוה throughout. Read more »

Come Out of Her My People

Come Out of Her My People Explaining the origin and meaning of the usage of words in Christendom, words such as Holy, Church, and names and titles for the Almighty like Lord, God etc. Also explaining the origins of Christian symbols such as the Cross, the Fish etc. and the origins of Christmas, Easter and many other Christian beliefs. Read more »